eDirectBill is a Virtual TPA technology and services platform that is part of the ClaimsVerse family of products.

  • eDirectBill can be easily integrated with your current policy holder services website. Secure and reliable technology is guaranteed.
  • Policy holders can service their own automotive glass needs 24/7 from the comfort of any Internet connection. From retailer acquisition to interactive scheduling, policy holders have the peace of mind of handling their own needs based on their availability.
  • Insurance companies and/or their third-party administrators can configure eDirectBill to meet the needs of any glass claims program, no matter how complex or rules based in structure it may be.
  • eDirectBill is even flexible to allow for consumers to prearrange for deductible payments with the glass retailer, electronically.

ClaimsVerse is a product and services group owned by AMJ Logistics, Inc. and is part of the eDirectGlass product family.