ClaimsLocker is an Electronic First Notice of Loss technology and services platform that is part of the ClaimsVerse family of products.

  • Through open cloud-based technology and industry proposed standards, all industry trading partners can electronically communicate first notice of loss information in a common format.
  • Automotive glass retailers can self report first notice of loss and receive electronic authorization to perform glass repair and replacement services without telephone intervention.
  • Insurers can "plug-in" ClaimsLocker between their policy management systems and the automotive glass retailer for real-time policy verification. No more data missteps that prevent the successful and timely repair of insured claims.
  • Policy holders may electronically report their own first notice of loss through the combined efficiencies of ClaimsLocker with eDirectBill.

ClaimsVerse is a product and services group owned by AMJ Logistics, Inc. and is part of the eDirectGlass product family.